Healthy Start Multi Vitamin, Mineral and Herb Packets:

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience buying vitamins. I am very happy with the quality and with your service and website. I was thinking of going with the Sea Energy liquid, but I was so turned off by the sellers who require you to sign up on their website before you could even find out how much the stuff was. I emailed several people and all I got was the runaround, and I certainly did not want to give my credit card info to have a simple question answered! I also tried Skin Moritz, but it was pricey, and I started getting emails that I needed to use at least 3 mos. before I could notice a difference. I am thrilled with your price, quality, and lack of fine print! Keep up the good work! I am a very appreciative customer. Thanks again.
- Cathy B.

I can't thank you enough. These vitamins are great and the price is right!
- Bob F.

Buying my vitamins from you saves me about $20 per month. The quality is great and I can tell the difference in how I feel. I don't give out at the end of the day like I used to!
- Don C.

Super Digestive Enzymes

Greetings! I love these digestive enzymes...they truly are the best I have ever used. Do you sell them at a discount the more bottles that are bought, or give a discounted postage rate the more that are bought? Just wondering:) I will want to try your energy booster in the near future. Thanks for such a great product. I live right here in Dallas and found your items on ebay! Thanks again....
- Michele M.

I think I bought these from you before. I ran out and started using other products and found my old problems flared up again. I take 2 a day and I agree that it makes a big difference. Thanks
- Michelle T.

Thanks Robert!! It definately helps with bloating. I even have dropped some weight!!
- John C.

Hi. I bought this product from you last month and have to say I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much .
- Lori

I bought one of your '270 count enzymes' and was very pleased with your product.
- Ray

Wow! So fast, great service, friendly, and great deal on great product. Thanks
- Cathy

Super product! I am a repeat customer. Speedy delivery and great value.
- Mystee

Noticed a difference in health in 3 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Mike T.

Herbal Lift Energy Booster

Wow! Your product really works great! Great pick-me-up without the jitters you get from drinking coffee. Please send me another 90 day supply....
- Robert G.

Thank you for such an excellent product - and so inexpensive too!
- Catherine S.

Keeps me alert all day! Thank you so much!
- Jeanne J.

I lost almost 10 pounds in 4 weeks with the help of your energy booster. I'm so very pleased since I didn't think I could do it. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
- Laura W.

Maximum Prostate

Thank God for John Livingston! After using Maximum Prostate for 7 days my life has been changed. I now sleep soundly, my urination frequency is normal and the pain is gone! Send me 10 more bottles. I started taking this product on Sep 30, 2002. I can't be without it. It works great. I've told several friends in the Austin and San Antonio area about the product. (But, I need to quit giving them some of mine to try... I run out too quickly.) I am also on Flomax (Tamsulosin). I've experimented by going off "Maximum Prostate", but staying on Flomax for a short period. My prostate symptoms quickly return. But when I reverse the experiment, go off the Flomax, but stay on the Maximum Prostate), I have NO symptoms of prostate problems! No kidding! I have an appt with my urologist to tell him I no longer need the Flomax.
- J.D.P., Belvere, TX

Getting up 8 times a night to 0 the 2nd day on the product and continuing. I was skeptical, even thought of returning it, then on my fourth week I noticed a change in urinary urgency. After another week I was getting a full nights sleep. Now, I feel normal. My psa has gone down from 11 to 2.3. - name witheld

Erection every morning after none in 10 years.
- name witheld

Much stronger, longer lasting erections.
- name witheld

All urination symptoms, urgency, frequency, low flow, dribble gone after 2 days on the product.
- name witheld

My husband was nearly forced to quit his job as a truck driver. I found you on the internet at work. Not only does he feel better but I'm ordering for another 5 drivers at his company.
- name witheld

As I think I may have mentioned to you before, I told my urologist about beta-sitosterol, and he had remarked that he had had two former patients, no longer living in the San Francisco Bay area, who had told him about their very favorable experiences with Maximum Prostate. However he had lost contact with these patients, and had no way find out where to obtain beta-sitosterol. He said that he had searched the health food stores in San Francisco trying to find it, without success.
- name witheld

Last Thursday, during my appointment with the urologist, when I mentioned that I had begun to use "beta-sitosterol" to him, his face lit up, and he asked me to let him know where the product could be obtained so that he could recommend it to other patients. So, I mailed him your phone number, your address, your email address, and your web address.
- name witheld

Went off the Flomax drug because of side effects and not working that well, had to get up 8-10 times until first night on the product, I slept thru the night for the first time in many years.
- name witheld