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Robert Jordan Nutritionals :: Anti-Aging :: L-Carnosine-Pharmaceutical Grade

L-Carnosine-Pharmaceutical Grade
L-Carnosine-Pharmaceutical Grade 

L-Carnosine 500 mg
A powerful antioxidant and anti-aging supplement!
Pharmaceutical Grade - Exp date: 06/2015 or better
  • Boosts Immunity and Reduces Inflammation!
  • Increases muscle Strength and Endurance!
  • Helps heal wounds and protects against stomach ulcers!
  • Improves heart function and increases muscle strength!
  • Protects against cataract formation & helps remove toxins from the body!
  • Helps protect against poor carbohydrate metabolism
  • Prevents brain cell damage in Alzheimer's patients!
  • Only $19.95 for 60 capsules (500mg each)
  • Buy $90 or more from this store and get 10% off your order!* (see below)
L-Carnosine, 500mg, 60 capsules


Brain Wellness

L-Carnosine is found in the muscles, heart, brain and eye.  It has long been popular with body builders and atheletes for improving muscle fatigue.

Many studies have shown that L-Carnosine has strong antioxidant properties, can protect against radiation damage, is able to improve heart function, may prevent and improve cataracts and promotes recovery from injuries.  In addition, L-Carnosine is an important chemical messenger of the nervous system, enzyme modulator and chelator of heavy metals and their toxic effects on the body.

L-Carnosine supplementation can help you lead a quality and healthy life.
The most popular applications for L-Carnosine are addressed in this listing.

L-Carnosine is found throughout the central nervous system and can be beneficial in maintaining healthy brain and circulatory function and all that this implies.   L-Carnosine is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. 

Sports Nutrition

Cardiovascular Health

Carnosine accounts for about 10%-40% of the pH-buffering capacity of muscle tissue. Therefore, during intense exercise, L-Carnosine may play an important role in preventing the reduction in pH caused by lactic acid accumulation and thereby improving exercise performance.

Animal studies in racehorses have shown that muscle L-Carnosine concentrations are higher in muscles with a high percentage of fast-twitch glycolytic fibers (type II muscle fibers) and lower in muscles with predominantly slower twitch oxidative fiber types. In addition to its potential effects on anaerobic metabolism (lactic acid), L-Carnosine may enhance oxidative (aerobic) metabolism by increasing the efficiency of mitochondria to produce cellular energy.

Increasing muscle: L-Carnosine is important to athletes because L-Carnosine increases intramuscular hydrogen ion (H+) buffering capacity. And the production of H+ is the result of energy release, leading to a burning sensation and muscle fatigue. Basically what this means is that L-Carnosine increases your ability to work harder by preventing your muscle from becoming too acidic during times of stress by picking up Hydrogen ions. More L-Carnosine in muscle means you can keep muscle acid in check and train harder and longer.

Another thing you need to know about L-Carnosine is that it is a natural substrate for the production of Nitric Oxide. In fact it is the true substrate for NOS (nitric oxide synthase) activity, which is the true enzyme that is responsible for generating Nitric Oxide.

L-Carnosine prevents muscular injuries and speeds up recovery times in sports. An explanation to this is that high-intensity performance causes oxidative stress in the muscles and this results in depleted L-Carnosine stores. The free radicals produced through high intensity muscular activity cause lipid peroxidation as well as carbonylation of proteins and phospholipids.

This causes proteins to break up in a process known as proteolysis. Since protein carbonylation precedes the loss of membrane integrity, it may be associated with the toxic process leading to cell aging and fatality. L-Carnosine
combats these reactions if there is enough of it in the muscles.

According to the latest figures, more than 60 million Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, such as coronary artery disease, and 7 million people will suffer a heart attack this year. More than 600,000 Americans will die this year from complications of coronary artery disease, with women accounting for 49% of those deaths.

Many factors contribute to coronary artery disease, including endothelial dysfunction, abnormal lipid profiles, and hypertension to name a few.  Emerging evidence suggests that glycosylation, which occurs when sugars and proteins combine in abnormal ways is an important component in the formation of potentially lethal atherosclerotic plaque, a sticky, hard substance that can significantly impede arterial blood flow.

In a recent report, researchers critically examined the role of oxidation and glycosylation in the development of atherosclerosis in both in-vitro (in the laboratory) and in-situ (in its original place) experiments. One of the crucial first steps in the development of coronary artery disease is an inflammatory response in the heart vessel walls.   Supplementation with L-Carnosine can have protective anti-glycosylation and anti-inflammatory effects which may  provide protection from the development of atherosclerosis.

Weight Management

Healthy Aging

Very little information is currently available regarding L-Carnosine's role in weight managment.  As more information becomes available, I will include it in this section.

In youth, L-Carnosine is found in abundance in muscle and brain tissue but begins to decline as we age.  The best food sources for carnitine are beef, poultry and fish.  As we age, are dietary needs change and we tend to eat less protein and our stores of L-Carnosine decline as well. 

L-Carnosine supplements are reported to have several positive effects on health, most of which are related to its ability to slow the aging process by neutralizing free radical damage.  L-Carnosine may actually help extend life expectancy by reducing the protein and DNA damage caused by a process called glycosylation.  This occurs when sugars and proteins combine in abnormal ways and results in the development of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and skin damage. 

Also, toxic metals that are produced by various metabolic reactions in the body are bound by L-Carnosine and eliminated before damage to tissues can occur. The cells of the immune system are strenghened and stabilized by L-Carnosine as well.

As skin ages the inner skin layer called the dermis undergoes a normal loss of structural integrity. Fibroblasts, the carpenter cells that build connective tissue, are reduced in number. Collagen fibers may become damaged and the matrix that connects cells together experiences wear and tear. Progression of this process is apparent in wrinkles, dryness, inconsistent skin texture and coloring, and sagging skin.

While L-Carnosine does not turn back the clock, it does help to maintain normal function. It supports the healthy function of fibroblasts, is a potent skin antioxidant, and assists the body to maintain normal protein structures.

L-Carnosine supports the formation of new connective tissue and it is one more nutrient that contributes to healthier joints and muscles. It also helps to improve the ability of muscles to perform exercise.

Protection against free radical damage and the effects of aging can be obtained with a daily dose of  L-Carnosine between 100 and 500mg per day.


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Pharmaceutical Grade

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500 mg
Life Extension
NOW Foods
Source Naturals

*New - Buy $90 or more from this store and get 10% off your order.   The 10% off does not apply to shipping charges.

The Manufacturer of this product does not allow us to use its name brand on our web pages. However, be assured, this is a nationally known name brand and is of the highest quality.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.

The FDA has not reviewed the information provided in this listing.
This supplement is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.


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